lunes, 29 de junio de 2020


Hello Guys,

In this post I will to show you how to use Visual ESXtop.

Visual esxtop is a VMware Fling tool and this tool is very interesting because with that tool we can visualize the command esxtop in a vmware vsphere.

In the next link you could download the tool:


Java (Lastest version)

How to use?

It's very easy to use a VMware Flings and this is my experience with this tool:

1.  Download the tool

2. Extract the zip file:

In my case I use 7 zip but all the OS include a unzipped tool:

3.  Then if you are using Windows you can use .bat file and if you are using Linux you can use .sh:

In my case I am using Windows and the execution is as follows:

After the execution of the command above is possible to see the next window:

And you need to connect to esxi host as follows:

Fill the information of the esxi host:

In the pictures is possible to validate the information:

I recommend read the next information to next article to get a best undestanding of this tool:

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